Q: What is Zooplankton

A: Zooplankton are heterotrophic plankton. Plankton are organisms drifting in oceansseas, and bodies of fresh water. The word "zooplankton" is derived from the Greek zoon (ζῴον), meaning "animal", and planktos (πλαγκτός), meaning "wanderer" or "drifter".[1] Individual zooplankton are usually microscopic, but some (such as jellyfish) are larger and visible with the naked eye. (wikipedia)

Q: OK. so What is your Zooplankton?

A: The Zooplankton Project is a large scale structure that will be built at Burning Man 2015. It is based on Earnst Haeckel's sketch of Cyrtoidea protozoas, a type of plankton that is about .1mm small in real life. We will build it much larger on playa of course. It will act as both a lecture hall and art gallery, and as a place of shelter and fun. By night Zooplankton will dazzle burners with its bioluminescence. 

Q: How big will Zooplankton be?

A: Right now (late September) we are in the process of working with structural engineers to determine the load limits of different building materials in order to decide what our materials will be and to create a budget. The size of Zooplankton depends on how much our fundraising campaigns and successful grant applications can raise. The ultimate goal of Zooplankton is to create a structure that is large enough for multiple people to walk, sit, relax, and explore inside. 



Q: Can I help?



Q: Will it be burned on the playa


Q: Where is Zooplankton being built?


Q: Isn't September early to start planning for Burning Man 2015?


A: YES. We are always looking for volunteers and donations to our awesome Zooplankton. Please see the contact page for more information. 






A: Zooplankton is being built in Portland, OR.


A: Nope. This is a large scale project that is going to require a whole lot of planning. Right now we are working with structural engineers to develop a plan. We hope to begin fundraising this winter and building by early spring.